The view from the window

I was invited to the Japanese traditional restaurant for my birthday anniversary by my son’s family. It’s begun since 1911, for 105 years. The old gorgeous house made of wood was very symbolic.
I was very satisfied with the splendid view of the Japanese garden from the window as well as the feast.


The view from the window」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Happy Birthday!
    You’d have a wonderful family.
    I have never been to “Shogetu”. but, in this season it is famous for “a white shrimp dish”.


  2. Happy Birthday. You had good time for birthday.
    I’ve been to “Shogetu” too. I remember the green moss garden is so beautiful,and “Shiroebi dumpling” is
    But recently, white shrimp is getting expensive. I don’t eat white shrimp in this season.



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