Easy cooking

I eat banana in the yogurt every morning. Basically bananas are not reserved in the fridge so they are going bad faster as getting warmer these days. I used to make them frozen smoothie but recently not anymore.

So what else should I do for the mellow bananas? I asked Cookpad. It has answers. I tried the easiest and quickest recipe. It’s “sponge cake of banana by rice cooker”.

It was really easy and fun. You need an egg, milk or yogurt 100cc, hot cake mix 100g, some nuts or frozen fruits and bananas 2 pieces.They are all together scrumbled into creamy and put into the ricecooker until cooked. That’s all. I could stop food waste and ate well.


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  1. Hi. I bake apple cake in the rice cooker at home. It seems like I use the same ingredience except bananas replaced by apples 🙂


  2. This looks very delicious.
    Can we really make a cake by a rice cooker?
    I saw the instruction manual of the rice cooker of my home, but don’t write it that can cook a cake.
    The person who is good at cooking is enviable.


  3. I like it ! It’s very yummy and easy.
    But, I’m not cook for a long time.
    And I usually used oven. I don’t know,bake by rice cooker.
    I’ll try next time.
    I wanted to eat it very much!




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