Dance party 

It begins to bloom very pretty. The name of the hydrangea “Dance party” is now on the season in rainy season. 

It was given by Cherry which she had taken from cutting and grown it before last year. I started to plant it last year. I didn’t expect it would bring to flower this year.

But fortunately it makes small buds and making good growth.   I’m very happy to see them when I get up in the morning.


Dance party 」への13件のフィードバック

  1. What is a beautiful flower this hydrangea is!
    This picture is a very wonderful view.
    I looked at it for the first time.
    You are excellent photographer.
    You have good sense of photo.


    1. Thank you for the much compliment!
      Actually I’m not good at taking photos so much but just the objects are good and made me a good photographer…LOL thank you!


      1. Sumida River fireworks
        display of the is July 30.

        I like fireworks of Sumida
        is the best in the type of


      2. I’m sorry I misunderstood what you said about the species of hydrangeas for “fireworks of Sumida”. Nancy let me know about the mistake of mine. Sorry for making you trouble.


  2. Also today, it was hot .
    Photo of hydrangea from you gave me the coolness.
    Thank you very much.
    Maybe, “fireworks of Sumida” is the type of hydrangea.



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