I like stew and curry in a pan. But it’s more delicious a night later than just cooked. I wanted to cook and eat more delicious as early as possible. So I made beef stew on a rice cooker and keep warm for 8 hours and ate for dinner. It was melty and soft like soup. All the ingredients are all gone without beef. It was one day cook but one night stay taste stew.


It’s snowy all of the day today. It seems very quite and white. It’s better stay home than going out if possible.

I don’t like driving on snowy day because I’m not feeling safe. Driving on the snowy bumpy road makes me shoulder ache but not today so much yet.

Anyway today watching Nobel Prize Award speech is one of the pleasure.

Kazuo Ishiguro speech at Nobel Prize

When I visited a cafe which I like to stay because it’s a small one owner’s cafe and recently rare. There are some lunch menu as well as good taste coffee.

I found some books of Venetia’s who is a famous naturalist living in a traditional Japanese old house having her British and Japanese garden. She really enjoys her life in nature with Ohara Kyoto. I sometimes watch her life on TV which shows her own hand made food, gardening and life itself. What a rich and gorgeous life without waste and want!

The owner told me to lend the books including DVD books for as long as I like. I was embarrassed to be said such a too friendly word. After I tried to read them I really want to read more at home. So I borrowed one of those DVD book.

I watched it yesterday. It made me touched and feel relieved.

“Our life is our opportunity to spend time”

“Every day of our life is a page of our own history”

“Waste not, want not”

“Life was miracle and everything that was needed for survival had been thought of,so that all living things can exist in harmony together”

Her gentle attitude and life purified my heart. It’s really mindfulness for me.

Venetia’s Essay

I’ve known edible oil using for cooking is very dangerous. So I’m using olive oil and grape seed oil, sometimes Amani oil but it’s very expensive to use each time.

I try not to use so much oil in cooking, so often cook steamed, stewed or grilled.

It’s reported about oil hazard in our life.

Oil hazard

What about paying by the mobile devices? It’s being well known recently paying not by cash or credit cards. Having application in a mobile phone and paying without money.

I’m also using Apple Pay when it’s possible at the store. But not always having the equipment yet using credit card or money card without bill or coins. But there’re still many shops and stores to pay by cash in Japan.

Mobile pay

Mobile pay in China

Mobile pay in the world