M; Hey, meteorological agency announced the weather forecast for the three months to come.

F; What does it say?

M; It’s said comparatively warmer than the usual, each April, May and June.

F; It’s good to hear that.

M; Yeah…we can plan to go out.

Weather forecast for three months to come


M; It’s very easy and nice recipe in this page!

F; What’s it?

M; I tried one of the recipe in a rice cooker cook.

F; There seem lots of recipes by rice cooker not only rice but bread, cake.

M; I tried tomato resort.

F; Oh…really? How was it?

M; Yeah…..it’s amazing easy and so so….as long as simple taste of salt, tomato and cheese.

F; You mean by more ingredients makes better?

M; You can add many different kind of seasoning and ingredients if you like.

F; Not only resort but also other taste in the recipe.

M; Yeah….you can try them.

All in one cook in a rice cooker

M; The great theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author Dr.Hawking has passed away last week. He was amazing to have lived with paralyzed body by ALS.

F; I just knew about him

“Discovery of black hole” as a cosmologist.

M; He’s been working with technology and computer science instead of his disable body using computer voice and automatic writing in his lecture.

F; He did great works through out his serious diseases for over 50 years.

M; He mentioned about AI in the future. It’s a kind of warning.

F; What’s that?

M; It’s about AI will take over human power and what will happen to the world. Whether we could be happy or not …,that’s a question.

The anxiety of Dr.Hawking

M; It’s been focus on “English” for early education of children.

F; Yeah… before going to school parents let their children to learn English because they don’t want them far away from English.

M; It’s a kind of diversity of education from one nation and one language culture. We won’t be able to live in solo island any more.

F; Well….we’ll have to accept more different languages and cultures in the future.

M; That’s why we need to learn and master more than two languages including mother tongue. But don’t forget to think and speak out by own language first! Otherwise we’ll lose our own identity and dignity.

F; You mean that before learning second language you need to learn and think deeply by mother tongue.

M; That’s right!

IQ (intelligent quality ) is inferior to EQ( emotional quality). It means that we can’t live without human warm heart or affection to share with others, which AI can’t achieve.

EQ better tan IQ

M; Look! There bloom blossoms in the cherry 🍒 tree in the garden.

F; Oh, that’s nice to see so early. I’m sorry they’re in such a rainy day.

M; Yeah….they starts to bloom much earlier and finishes soon.

F; Isn’t it Someiyoshino?

M; No, it’s “sakuranbo ” tree.

F; Does it have cherry?

M; Yeah, they are small ones.

But last year I didn’t find any because it’s only in here. Without bees it doesn’t have blossoms.

F; It’s still cold and wet I’ve never seen bees yet.

M; I’m not sure but they say honey bees are decreasing.

F; I know they work very important parts.

M; I sometimes want to eat Royce’ chips & chocolate but can’t buy anywhere.

F; You can buy Hokkaido special sale on at the department store.

M; Yeah…it’s true if you never mind waiting a long queue.

F; I know it’s one of the most popular confections.

M; If you really want it you can order it online but only over ¥8,000 makes carriage free.

F; Hmmm…you can’t order over ¥8,000 easily.

M; Yes, that’s right.

I tried to made my own chips & chocolate. It costs only ¥250.

F; Oh…,that’s a good idea!

PThe other day I told my son on the phone.

M; if you have time it’s better to clean the garden before weeds grow much.

S; Yes, I will.

(But I found it wasn’t be done yet.)

M; I did my garden clean. It’s much easier to do it now than later.

S; Yes, it is.

I talked to my friend that my son doesn’t work at home. I asked her how I could make him work at home.

Then my friend replied to me,

F; You’re wrong that you should control your son. He understands his work well but may be no time for him. It’s important for you to keep patient and wait for the time when he can do.

M; I told him now is the time, not later.

F; It’s your opinion though.

M; I’m always irritating for his slow reactions.

F; Don’t care about him too much. He was your son but now he’s a good husband and a father.

For him it’s just annoying by your too good advice.

M; I know it but I can’t stand his laziness….

F; It’s not laziness. It’s hard for a working man to maintain the garden . Think of yourself when you were young.

M; Oh…well, I didn’t care about weeding or gardening. I’ll try to be patient. Thank you.

F; You’re welcome.

Why don’t you clean the garden instead of your son?

M; No way! I’m too busy with mine.

I made cover the land to avoid the weeds.