It’s a local hot spot which you’re able to eat oysters from different prefectures in Japan and soaking in the Japanese deep sea water. It’s said so delicious as you could never taste before. 

It’s “Kakino Hoshi” in Nyuzen. I tried to eat grilled oyster “Amiyaki” outside in the terrace and fried oyster. 
It was really big and delicious. I was full with 8 big pieces of oysters.

It’s about a story of Hachi, which is a cub of panther brought up by a Japanese soldier during the war in the Northern China in 1941. He worried about he couldn’t take care of it heading for the hard battle, so he decided to bring it back to the safe place “Ueno zoo”. He really wanted the cub panther live longer than himself like a parent but enexpected tragedy was carried out by the serious war…..,

It’s turned cool temperature these days because of low pressures around Japan by the influence of typhoons.

It’s said that hot or cold last until to the equinoxes. It’s cool down even though during Bon period. It seems irregular summer.

Please take care of your health with good sleep and food.

Cool weather