Strange map

M; It’s so funny map!

F; Isn’t it from personal pleasure ?

M; Yeah…it’s not official but each prefecture has local proud brand.

F; I’m not sure each of them some are clear but others are not to be found.

M; Well…what’s the Toyama brand?

F; I guess it YKK or NICHIIKO.

M; Hmmm…let me check.

Strange map

M; Not correct….everyone, guess what.

I’ll show you right answer of this map.

I think it really personal though…


Ann made the right answer 🎊🎉

Main company in each prefecture Japan map

4 thoughts on “Strange map

  1. Good morning☀
    It’s unique map❗❗

    F:Toyama is YKK?

    M:No,It’s main office is Tokyo.
    It’s unique map, so unique campany…
    For example, …
    Mitsuoka carmaker.
    It makes unique car.


  2. F; According to this “Strange map”, Toyama Prefecture seems “Mitsuoka Motor”.
    M; Yeah, looks like so. Indeed, this company is very unique and famous for making original cars, but I think although it’s well-known in the prefecture, it isn’t so well-known in nationwide.
    F; If you choose, which company would you choose?
    M; Umm…, I would like to choose the medicine’s “Koukando”(広貫堂) because Toyama Prefecture is famous for “Baiyaku-san”(売薬さん).
    F; Oh, it’s good! I also agree you.


  3. M: Um (- – 😉 my brain doesn’t react English.

    F: Oh? What happened?

    M: My brain seems tired.

    F: If so, Let’s think tomorrow.


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