Cool weather

It’s turned cool temperature these days because of low pressures around Japan by the influence of typhoons.

It’s said that hot or cold last until to the equinoxes. It’s cool down even though during Bon period. It seems irregular summer.

Please take care of your health with good sleep and food.

Cool weather


Cool weather」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☔☁⛅
    Yes indeed.
    We visit grave today, and my elder son’s Birthdayp👨
    He has 「Yakudoshi→Honyaku」
    So Our families need great care while this year.
    But thanks to we are fine💕
    Take care ,don’t get cold.



    1. You seem happy spending with your son during Bon period and celebrate his BD….for 42years old? Hope everything goes well with your family.


  2. Certainly it is a very unusual climate this summer. On the other hand while a hot summer day of over 35 degrees continued, it was a relatively cool climate of the cloudy sky which isn’t like summer in the past few days, .
    Although cool climate is good for the body, I look forward to sunshine strong summery. I am a opportunist, isn’t it?(LOL)


    1. I also feel empty with the unexpected weather these days unlike usual summer but it’s even comfortable without AC at home with natural wind now. Today is the first round of the game Takasho vs Tokaidai soon, isn’t it?



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