Circulation of life

I met a book “making garden enjoying with weeds” by a gardener. It’s really meaningful for me like a bible. When I felt tired of weeding plants in the garden, this book explains how to live along with many kinds of plants which they live and lived. It says there is nothing useless among plants existence. They have each very iimportant role but humans just think they’re useless for themselves. The weeds have different roles such as tendency in the acid soil or alkaline one. They choose to stay the status and make soil into neutralization. It makes rich soil to bear living things in the natural food balance. Never use chemical pesticide, instead using natural herb or bicarbonate to grow the soil because every life circulate to go back into the ground and give birth new life.I’m trying to cut tall weeds by the cutter twice a year or pull by hands. It’s very hard but sometimes fun early in the morning.


Circulation of life」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀☀☀☀☀
    My daughter often said 「 flower’s name isn’t Zasso,they have there name」she’s little childhood.
    Spring,my garden was full of flowers.
    Especially 「Olrea」 like race flowers.
    It was blooming around my house🏠so Zasso could not growup.
    Then I was hard clear the dead Olrea.
    But it’s easy more than weed.
    I will read you’re recommended book. 📖
    Thank you 💕💓💗


  2. I weeded the weeds in my garden three times this summer so far because the appearance of the garden looks bad.
    However, according to your blog I did extra things? (LOL)
    Perhaps I think that weeds are also important when considering on a global scale. Because people can’t live in a grassless desert.



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