Detection dog

It’s so nice of trained dogs which can sniff and detect law breakers such as entering with law meat or other illegal things at the airport. They are needed for the increasing tourists into Japan around 2020 Tokyo Olympic year. 

Detection dog


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  1. Good morning☁
    Beagle dog🐶 they are good Job❗🎶❤💕
    I didn’t watch them yet.
    If they approached me and sit down I’m happy💕 so they are cute💓💗 but I become unhappy soon😭😱😨


    1. They’re so smart to help us from entering bad infections….to keep the prevention. It’s a great cooperation but….is it selfish for only humans?


  2. Since the foreigners visiting Japan has increased significantly, the role of the detection dog to detect of the foods bringing in at the border that is prohibited in Japan is very important in the same manner as the dog to detect the narcotics, isn’t it?

    By the way, when I and my wife visited America a few years ago, we experienced that at San Francisco Airport, pretty dog came beside my wife’s suitcase and inside of suitcase was inspected by airport guardman.
    As a result, it was a smell of instant noodles in suitcase so we were innocent, but very panicked at the time.


      1. No, we weren’t confiscated because our tour conductor who had been lived for five years in America explained about content of food. But, tour conductor said later, it was a case that strictly be confiscated.

        By the way, also today my grandson’s team had exchange baseball game with the team of outside the prefecture that lost in the Hokushinetsu Tournament.
        Tomorrow, their team will carry out practice game with team in the city before Obon holiday.



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