Incredible ice cream 

Have you heard of ” ice cream which doesn’t melt”? 

But it’s very expensive 650 yen! Do you want to try it? 

Incredible ice cream


Incredible ice cream 」への8件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☀
    I knew 「Kanazawa ice」
    I think of icecream→hard→soft→melt→delicious🍨
    Maybe I don’t try it.
    By the way
    I had 「Girls party」at myhouse🏠 after townSummerfestivel from8pm to 1 am.
    We spended very happy time


    1. Oh…you’re still sleepy, aren’t you? Having good time, good sleep and eating well are must thing to spend hot summer! 🌞


  2. Thank you💕💓💗
    I had good sleep so 「Batan Q」
    My breakfasts is fruits.vegetabljuice, and yakisoba.
    I am very happy💕
    Have a good holiday☀💗❤

    ((o( ̄ー ̄)o))(*^.^*)(*^-^*)


  3. I heard of “ice cream which doesn’t melt” in this blog’s artcle for the first time.
    Certainly, ice cream which doesn’t melt for 3 hours at room temperature 40 degrees is amazing, but its price is also surprising, isn’t it? I don’t want to try eating it.
    At my home, we are eating the Osakaya shop’s ice candy which is half price and melts quickly, not only in the summer but all year round because the price of the one is about 20 to 30 yen. (LOL)


    1. Yeah…indeed. I also buy ice cream or ice candy when they are sold discount as half price or 40% price down but it happens when I go shopping sometimes. I don’t go to the market every day. I could buy ice cream box at the half price…luckily 🍦


  4. This ice cream is too expensive for me.
    When I went to Kanazawa with my friend before, I ate a gold foil soft cream.
    But, Actually, I like “Takoyaki Ice” with azuki beans.

    By the way,
    My mother still has effusion from surgical wounds.
    So, I wash wound of my mother every day with a shower and replace the gauze.
    I may not be able to write comments everyday.


    1. I really respect your nursing care for your mother. It’s so heavy work to wash your mother’s body at home….it’s so hard! I can’t do it by myself.., I rely on care support home. Hope you’re taking yourself as well.



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