Amazing tomatoes🍅 

It’s reported that season food tomatoes are super powerful. If you take it constantly it will make you more healthy and full of vitality avoiding sickness.

Tomatoes can be eaten not only for salad but also cooked well in the soup or in the sauce. I like to eat minestrone or pasta sauce very much. Let’s try to use tomatoes in your daily food.

Amazing tomatoes


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  1. Good morning. I love tomatoes. I make tomatoes and potatoes Focaccia and tomato agar. Tomato agar, peel two tomatoes, make it into a dice shape, melt 300 cc millet tomato juice, 200 cc water and one agar, and melt and solidify.


  2. Good morning ☁
    I can’t eat tomato yet fifty years old.😱😣😨😭
    But I like tomato ketchup on eggs😆💕 so my kid age,I ate everyday it.
    I can eat tomato soup and fresh everyday now🍅🍅🍅
    Tomato turn red,doctors turn pale.
    🍅is great🎊💮🎉💕


    1. Oh…that’s good! We tend to change taste as ages…when I was little I couldn’t eat green pepper, celery or tomato juice coz they have bitter and smelling. Now I’m adult every thing which is healthy okay. My brain may recommend and control my healthy program😆



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