Talk show

It’s announced that talk show by the animation director of the movie  ” In the corner of this world ” will be held at the book store “Bunendo” Toyota.   He is from Nanto city Toyama and graduated Takaoka art & industrial high school. His works came from his home town. 

Talk show


Talk show」への4件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    I heard of his name but I don’t know his work except「Amitan」
    His school is very famous for industrial arts.
    When I went to 「Shoobiten」 I looked student’s amazing work
    Mr. Matubara , you are wonderful❗❗

    I’m sorry, I can’t go talk show(;_;)/~~~


  2. Good moning.
    I think that finding a thought is a nice word. I was impressed by the pepole’s good intentions.
    I also want to see this movie.
    I will go to Osaka tomorrow and the day after tomorrow so I can not go to the talk show .I’m sory.



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