Napkin Christmas tree🎄 

It’s very interesting to make goods by hands. I like to make crafts or goods by catching ideas in the world. There’re lots of cool items to enjoy at home.

I’m trying to make them and feeling happy with cheap things. You may say I’m too funny.

Napkin Christmas tree

The one of golden wood tree is not my craft but a gorgeous gift by Yoko.


「Napkin Christmas tree🎄 」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☔
    How wonderful❗❗
    Napkin Christmas tree🎄🎄
    Your hand is magical hand is’nt it,?
    I made cloths into something that time is happy so complete time is very happy😆
    Hand made tree🎄🎄 and wreath make happy💕💚💛💜



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