Christmas decorations 🎄

It’s season for the Christmas illuminations and decorations around here.

I was packing the parcel to send by air to my daughter and grandson.  I used to send a box by EMS but this time by SAL. EMS is fast and safe but very expensive, while SAL takes longer time to arrive but much cheaper if the weight is under 2Kg. It’s Mónika who taught me how to make oversea shipping a light parcel economically.

I put the Christmas card in it made 3D 🎅🏻 and 🌲by Origami. It made me warm even getting cold outside.


「Christmas decorations 🎄」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning⛅☁
    Origami 🎅🎄very cute😆
    My house decorated 🎄
    My daughter used to said
    「It’s like a parlor」
    I try fantasy style but I can’t make yet
    I try again next year




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