Big appetite

I saw the leaves of the cotton rose having numerous number of caterpillars 🐛 on them. It was too bad to see because they were all of the leaves so much to countless. The house of the tree might be an old sick man who can’t take care of it. I used to see the beautiful flowers before. I’m afraid there’ll not be flowers any more.

I searched those caterpillar and finally found it. It’s a moth of “hungry caterpillar ”

Hungry caterpillars


Big appetite」への2件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning☁
    What a shock❗
    Are you okay ?
    「Iraga」 lives back of the leaf
    If I carelessly tuch it 「ouch」 so I use tongs🙀🐛


    ( ・_・)ノΞ●~*




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