After the rain

It rained very heavily effected by the typhoon for a few hours. It was like a squall in the tropical islands. We recently call such phenomenon “guerrilla heavy rain”.

My daughter send me a photo in her neighborhood after the squall. Her son Jace was very excited to see the “rainbow”. He is learning words and having experiences a lot in his life. Soon after the rainbow disappeared he was said to cry and where the rainbow has gone. 


After the rain」への6件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☁
    Perhaps rainbow come house🌈
    Jace is very cute😆
    Hat- coat- boots 🎩👢
    Like a Britain gentleman take a walk



    1. I know moms recently care about their children outlooking so much. More fashionable than ever…I’m afraid of. I hope they need more careful about inside. It’s a kind of old peoples’ tweets.



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