Black jewelry 

It’s been getting to change from red to black. They’re really like black jewelry. I’ve caught about 30 pieces of fruits in this week 5 or 6 each day from the tiny tree. I made them frozen and finally into jam. 


Black jewelry 」への11件のフィードバック

  1. Good morning ☀
    It’s beautiful and gorgeous jewelry and yet delicious
    I eat cucumbers every day
    My friends favorite growing plants
    She gave me a lot of cucumbers
    But she does not growing a fruit tree
    I’m sorry (;_;)😢


  2. They’re really like black jewelry.
    It’s so nice to taste home made jam.
    I look forward to turn black from red. They’re very pretty.
    I can pick 7 or 8 berrys a day. I add berrys in the bottle of frut vinegar every morning.



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