Ethnic restaurants

There are some Ethnic restaurants I recently visited.

Among them I like “pho”, a Vietnamese noodle with meat and vegetable in the tasty soup.

I’ve eaten “sesame soup and chicken pho ” at “Ito cafe”. It’s an Asian food restaurant, Thai and Vietnamese cooking. It’s arranged suitable to Japanese in the stylish warehouse. That’s why young couples and university students gather to date on holidays.

The other restaurant is old and popular “Tiem Com Vietnam”.  I really recommend “chicken soup spring noodle pho”. It makes me not only ethnic but also tasty and then happy. 

The both are in the suburb of Toyama but crowded at around lunch time because of the delicious Asian taste.


Ethnic restaurants」への6件のフィードバック

  1. I want to visit Ito cafe .
    Another one , l have been to any time.
    Asian food is derisious !!!!
    I like it !
    This time , l’ d like to go to lunch together !!!!!



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